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Wax and shatter everywhere, and not a single drop to vape? End the drought with Liquidizer: give your prize extracts, waxes, and oils a second life as an artisan ejuice. Unsatisfied with artificial juices and distrustful of foreign sourced glycols, due to concerns over contaminants, we created the Liquidizer to bridge the gap between herbal extracts and ejuice. The Liquidizer Original is our special blend of propylene glycol and PEG400, PEG300, and PEG200 for suspending concentrates for vaporization. All medical grade glycols are 100% sourced and bottled in the USA to provide our customers with the highest possible quality.

Liquidizer is unique in being a universal base for the broadest variety of concentrates and extracts. From butane and propane based extracts, to CO2 extracted oils, to column refined distillate, Liquidizer will produce a stable and smooth flowing Ejuice consistently and reliably, in as little as 10 seconds with a microwave. Works across a wide temperature range and keeps your liquid flowing even in cold weather. Create thick concentrated juices for intense, hard hitting vapors, or smooth, diluted mixes for all-day tank use. It has never been easier or faster to create your own ejuice from concentrates."One juice was too thick... one juice was too thin... the juice that was just right, was the one I made with Liquidizer."


Natural herbal extracts contain a wide range of organic compounds as well as waxes and plant fats. Liquidizer creates a stable and permanent suspension of all those plant compounds. Your extracts will be transformed into Ejuice that tastes great, wicks beautifully, will never separate into layers and produces thick vapor when used in personal vaporizers.


Start by adding 1ml (~35 drops) of Liquidizer to a glass or ceramic microwave-safe cup, along with 1 gram of herbal concentrates. Microwave the mixture on high for 10 seconds and stir. It’s that easy! Add more Liquidizer drop by drop as desired, to achieve your ideal ejuice consistency and potency. We recommend using a measuring syringe to draw up, store and dispense the Ejuice.


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